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Commitment to the Community

I have not actively promoted my family’s commitment to the community or to its supporting organizations for two main reasons.

First, our county is full of people who give their time and financial support to our community, so I’ve never seen publicly announcing any of this as necessary or tasteful.  

Secondly, at least since becoming an adult, I have tried to adhere to the teachings of Matthew 6:2,

“So, when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.”

In other words, I believe doing as you are taught and as God expects of us is diminished by publicly seeking notoriety and personal gain from it.  

I also recognize I am running in an election for public office.  For better or worse, some folks in political campaigns do not adhere to the same philosophy and want to put misinformation before the public about my commitment to the community.  

To alleviate any doubt, while still doing my best to adhere to my personal belief, I provide the following public information and personal story:

Since becoming partner in our law firm, I have:

1.  Paid in excess of $3.8 million dollars in local employee salaries and employer taxes;

2.  Contributed over $100,000.00 to local non-profit organizations and benefits;

3.  Paid in excess of $50,000 in business and personal real estate taxes; 

4.  Spent significant sums of monies for both personal and business purposes all within our County; and

5. donated countless hours in pro-bono legal work and helped others at a significantly discounted rate.

I’m especially proud of item number 1 above.  As some of you know, our primary office was destroyed by water damage during a roof repair in 2015 and closed for nearly 8 months thereafter. This was an especially challenging time, considering my father’s battle with colon cancer just ended days prior and my son was still newly diagnosed as a Type-1 diabetic. 

 Despite all of this, we were able to continue business without laying off a single employee and without missing a single payroll.  This required countless extra hours during trying times and taking on personal debt in excess of $100,000 (which has all been repaid) to ensure none of our employees’ families were impacted by our unforeseen losses.   

So when my opponent’s campaign attempts to publicly question my commitment to the community as a distraction from the real issues in this judicial campaign, please keep the foregoing in mind.  

Committee to Elect Luke Thomas
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