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Parental Notification

In this case, our Supreme Court held:

1.  a right to abortion in Illinois is not guaranteed by state constitution's privacy clause;

2.   Illinois due process clause provides protections, with respect to abortion, equivalent to those provided by the federal due process clause; and

3.   general statutory requirement, that unemancipated minors under age of 18 who seek an abortion give notice to an adult family member or obtain a judicial waiver of such notice, was not unduly burdensome on a minor's privacy right to keep medical information confidential and, therefore, did not violate state constitutional right to privacy.

As a father of four children, Luke strongly believes in parental involvement in all facets of a child's life and medical care.  Minor children are ill-equipped to make decisions involving life or death consequences, including medical decisions.  The issues present in the case above require deep and careful deliberation, with decisions backed by sound moral and legal authority.   While he hopes these types of cases are a rarity in our County, Luke is prepared to make these tough decisions, backed by clear legal analysis.

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